Fucoidan Force™ Vegetarian Capsules Suggestion of Use

By March 9, 2016December 7th, 2017Fucoidan Facts

Fucoidan Force™: Suggested Use

Fucoidan Force™ is made from 100% USDA Organic Certified Fucoidan extract, plus Reishi mushroom extract. Suggested use will vary depending on your individual situation.

Suggested Use

1 to 2 Pills Daily Most people require just one to two capsules daily.
4 Pills Three Times a Day Individuals seeking to enhance the benefit may choose to take up to 4 Pills 3 times daily

(Remember to check with your doctor before beginning any new health regimen).

How To Tell If Your Fucoidan Is Working

Depending on your reason for taking Fucoidan, you may be able to tell it is working simply by noticing obvious changes or changes in the way you feel. But the best way to tell by far is by making careful notes of your current baseline markers and compare them with changes in those markers at regular intervals ( 3-6 month periods of time).